Our Mission

Our mission at LBS is simple – we turn dream homes into real homes.

We specialize in custom home renovations and critical building system transformations, helping owners discover the hidden potential in their homes through a commitment to high-quality craftsmanship. Whether you have a clear vision for the renovations you want or have no idea where to begin, LBS will help guide you through the process to make the most out of your unique space. 

With hundreds of projects all across the wider Jacksonville area under our belt, LBS is the community’s trusted source for household renovations and repairs. We excel at achieving results that deliver maximum return on investment and peak personal satisfaction

Our History

LBS – Lighthouse Building Services – has deep roots in the real estate industry as part of the Lighthouse Property Group of Companies.

Lighthouse Property Group provides a suite of real estate strategy services and consists of three companies: LBS, Lighthouse Property Management & Realty, and HouseHub – our vacation rental management company.

Our unique position in the residential real estate ecosystem gives LBS an edge in advising our clients on their real estate renovation strategy. You can trust us to get the job done right.

Our Values

In every project we accept, we operate out of three guiding principles: maximizing utility, sustainability in design, and customer enjoyment.

Maximizing utility is our way of ensuring that both the function and form of your projects are considered when designing your unique renovation needs. We plan for the big picture, considering both the present challenges and the long-term implications of revolutionizing your living space. We then make a plan to maximize the utility of your project while optimizing the long-term enjoyment of your home transformation.

Customer enjoyment is our final guiding light – a promise that your project will be hand-crafted for the terms of your fulfillment, ensuring that you love and enjoy the work we’ve done. Whether you’re doubling the square footage of your house or simply putting up a few new windows in the foyer, we deliver customizable work that is qualitatively superior and, most importantly, satisfying to you. 

Sustainability in design is our commitment to delivering quality renovations that stand both the test and the cost of time. When we make project recommendations, we consider market trends, home resale demand, and the long-term durability of our improvements, so your renovations sustain their real estate value as well as the value of your personal enjoyment for many years to come.

With these principles, we’ve faithfully served the greater Jacksonville area and we look forward to serving you and many others in the years to come.

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