Whether you need routine maintenance, a minor roof repair, or a full roof replacement, LBS Roofing is the residential roofing contractor to call. Our team of dedicated craftsmen faithfully serves the greater Jacksonville area with the highest caliber of skill and professionalism. No matter the size or complexity of the job, LBS will get it done.

Roof Repairs

Make Your Home Whole

Your home is your castle, so you need one that will protect you. A few small nail pops and bad flashing can gradually undermine the integrity of your entire roof, exposing you and your loved ones to weather and damage. Our experienced professionals are knowledgeable about all types of roofing systems, meaning we can identify and repair any problems you have.

home renovation contractors
home renovation contractors

Roof Replacements

Whole Again, But Better Than Before

A brand new roof can save you time and money in the long run by avoiding the consecutive costs of multiple repairs. A fresh roof offers increased energy efficiency and long-term stability, as well as enhanced curb appeal and real estate value. If you’re not sure whether your home needs a roof repair or roof replacement, we can guide you through the process of determining the best course of action through professional consultations. Whichever you choose, we guarantee your satisfaction when you call us.

The Right Materials For Every Roof

No matter how complex the project, we never compromise on quality. Our ultra-wide selection of materials is top-grade and comes in a variety of designs and colors, meaning you never have to choose between style and protection.

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Roofing Renovations Are Easy! Just Follow These Steps:

Step 1:
Free consultation

Get started with a free consultation and estimation for the job you want accomplished.

home renovation consultation

Step 2: Remove old shingles

We’ll remove any damaged shingles and dispose of them for you. 

roofer removing old shringles

Step 3:
Install new shingles

Our qualified team will meticulously install your new shingles.

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Step 4:
Enjoy your new roof!

Bask in the protection and beauty of your new, custom-fit roof. Installed with care!

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