Repiping Your Home? Follow These Tips To Make Sure It Is Done Right

Plumber working on pipes

Essential Tips for a Successful Home Repiping Project

As you turn on faucets, sinks, tubs, and washing machines, you may not give thought to how water makes its way into your home. There is an intricate network of pipes, connections, and other components that allows water to flow from your city or septic system into your home; your plumbing is the superhighway that allows various appliances and fixtures in your home to help you perform daily tasks efficiently.

As plumbing doesn’t last forever, at some point it will be necessary to repair or even replace sections of your plumbing. Repiping even a portion of your home is a significant undertaking that requires the specialized knowledge and expertise of a professional plumber. Even with professional assistance, you may appreciate knowing a bit more about the repiping process to ensure that you choose the right expert for the job.

Follow These Tips To Make Sure It Is Done Right

  • When Is It Time to Replace Plumbing?

Piping services may be needed if your house is older. IF your house is fifty years old or older, consider getting your plumbing inspected for signs of weakness. Low water pressure and leaking pipes are also telltale signs that it’s time to investigate. As plumbing tends to be out of sight, out of mind, scheduling regular maintenance and repairs will be more effective at keeping your pipes in top condition than waiting for something catastrophic to take place.

  • What Does the Piping Process Involve?

Your plumbing professional will likely take the following steps to ensure that your home is ready for the extensive work of repiping services.

  • Plumbing Inspection

Piping should not take place without a comprehensive plumbing inspection. Your professional technician will take an in-depth look at your plumbing and fixtures, determining how much work will be required for your particular project.

  • Cost Estimate of Piping Services

After an inspection has been completed, your technician will generate an estimate of cost for your services. A thorough description of the work to be completed will be delivered to you, along with an estimated cost for each crucial step. When reviewing the estimate, feel free to ask questions to gain more understanding about the process itself as well as any costs you’ll incur. A reputable plumbing technician will not hesitate to provide you with an explanation of both required work and prices, as well as provide you with industry standards for this type of work.

  • Prepping Your Home

Repiping takes time and great skill. Residential piping experts will identify old pipes that need replacing before attempting to run new ones. A reputable company will take great care in protecting your home from water and construction damage during the process; you can help your professional team out by removing furniture and fixtures from walls in rooms where work will be done and showing your technicians where main water shut off valves are to the house. The more they can acquaint themselves with your space, the more efficiently they’ll be able to finish your work.

  • Scheduling Reconstruction

Repiping involves a bit of demolition, but a good plumber won’t hang you out to dry after your new plumbing has been installed. They’ll likely suggest a reputable contractor who can quickly and easily repair drywall, making your home look like a million bucks again. Schedule this reconstruction shortly after plumbing begins so you can expedite the process of completing your repiping job.

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