Telltale Signs That Indicate It’s Time To Call a Heating System Repair Expert

Technician repairing heating system

It is always frustrating to notice a problem with your home’s appliances or fixtures. One worrisome example is an issue with your heating system, which can make the colder months uncomfortable. Luckily, you can find professional HVAC companies that offer heater repair, roofing, and plumbing services in Jacksonville. When is it time to make the call? Start by keeping an eye out for these telltale signs that your heating system needs to be repaired.

High Electric Bill

If your electric bill is unusually high, this is a red flag that your HVAC system is not working properly. Your heating system is working overtime to evenly distribute heat, and this means it needs to use more energy than necessary. While your electric bills will fluctuate, an extreme change in your costs is an indication of a failing heating system.

Strange Noises

It is not uncommon for a heating system to make occasional banging, creaking, and rattling noises. However, constant or unusual noises, such as squealing sounds, are another sign that your system needs to be repaired. Call in an expert to inspect your HVAC system to check out any alarming noises and system behavior. Professionals can determine whether you need to increase your heating system maintenance or need a new heating system altogether.

Multiple Replacements

A few replacements over the years are not a reason to be concerned about your system. However, you need to be concerned if these replacements are happening too frequently. If you are replacing multiple components of your heating system in a short period of time, it is time to have your system inspected. A professional HVAC company like Lighthouse Building Services, LLC offers services from heating system maintenance to heating system repair.

Low Air Quality

Low air quality is another big sign of a problem with your heating system. This means your heating system is circulating dust, allergens, and mildew around your home. You may notice dust or haze in your home even after cleaning and changing the furnace filter. In addition, your family may be prone to more allergies and asthma attacks than usual. It is important to have your heating system inspected and repaired before the air quality and your family’s ailments become worse.

Yellow Pilot Light

The pilot light on your furnace should always show a blue flame. A flame that is yellow, red, orange, green, or purple is a sign that your furnace has too many condensates, such as rust or tar. These condensates decrease the efficiency of your furnace while increasing the harmful pollutants in your home. This is more than just a maintenance problem; it is a safety issue. Your heater needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

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