What’s the Right Time to Get Your Roof Repaired?

Visibly damaged roof

Your roof is an important and essential component of your home, so you should repair your roof whenever the occasion calls for it. Roofs can incur damage during any time of year and the faster the issue is dealt with, the better. To keep your property in premium condition, here are some signs you should look for that indicate it is time to repair your roof.

Signs You Should Look for That Indicate It Is Time to Repair Your Roof

  • When There Is Noticeable Damage

Any noticeable damage to the roof should be repaired quickly to prevent the damage from creating a bigger issue. This roof damage may include broken or missing shingles, holes, sagging spots, or cracks in the support structure. Some of these may be difficult to see from the ground, but regular maintenance inspections specifically look for these types of issues during the review.

  • When There Is A Roof Leak

A leaking roof can cause water damage throughout the house. Noticeable signs of a leak in the roof include discolored stains on the ceiling or coming down the walls, peeling paint, or wet spots in the attic. If you suspect that your roof has a leak, contact a professional roofer for repairs immediately to limit the damage to your home.

  • When There Is Rot Or Mold

Rot and mold are not only unsightly; they can also cause a number of health hazards for you and your family. Mold can exacerbate breathing issues, like asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and can spread throughout the house if left untreated. Rot can cause breathing problems and allergic reactions as it weakens the structure of the roof. Both of these issues require fast remedies to prevent further harm.

  • When Granules Are Found Around Gutters and Downspouts

Roof shingles have a protective layer of granules on the top that prevent the underlying layers of the shingles from being exposed to the elements. As the shingles get older, they begin to shed this protective layer, causing granules to accumulate around gutters and downspouts. Seeing considerable amounts of dark flecks in these areas are a good indication that it is time for your shingles to be replaced.

Lighthouse Building Services: Roof Repair Services Jacksonville

Planning your repairs and committing to a proactive maintenance schedule will allow you to jump on small issues before they become significant problems. Roof repair and maintenance should not wait, and our professional crew is ready to handle any job you need finished. From installation and scheduled maintenance to repair and total replacement, we have all your roofing needs covered. Choose Lighthouse Building Services for roof repair services in Jacksonville and beyond. Contact Lighthouse Building Services to schedule hassle-free work!